CSS z-index trick for IE6 and IE7


Just found out that if you have sort of CSS drop down menu, sometime when the menu drop and touch the bottom DIV, the menu will be cut off. The [...]

CSS z-index trick for IE6 and IE72008-10-17T23:11:45+00:00

iPhone 3G Useless Backup And Restore


All the photos I took using my new iPhone 3G gone :( This morning, I found my iPhone 3G (firmware 2.0.1) looks like something wrong, all the music on it [...]

iPhone 3G Useless Backup And Restore2008-08-22T01:42:25+00:00

iPhone 3G 2.01 updated


Just updated to the latest 2.01 firmware (250MB), can't see any changes yet, after few days try out should have some news here ;) stay tuned....stupid iTunes

iPhone 3G 2.01 updated2008-08-11T17:31:40+00:00

Overheating Burn My PSU


Today half way working on website, then my PC suddenly power off itself...following by some burning smell....OMG!!! the Power Supply Unit (PSU) gone!!! Luckily I can sure that only the [...]

Overheating Burn My PSU2008-08-11T17:25:20+00:00

Spammers Day?


I wonder today is it SPAMMERS day. This morning at about 8am, my client phone me up and said their MS Outllok is downloading 6000+ emails which are all the [...]

Spammers Day?2008-06-17T15:49:05+00:00

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1


Just download and install the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. After I restart my PC and first run it, everything seems all right. When I started to make a blog [...]

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 12008-06-17T13:07:20+00:00

is your Web Server hacked to be a SPAM server?


This morning I just found that my cPanel server sent me a notice by email saying there is a new uploaded CGI/script file trying to use the sendmail function. The [...]

is your Web Server hacked to be a SPAM server?2008-06-16T11:04:39+00:00

New iPhone 2.0, It’s here NOW!!!


The conference is still on and I just making a quick shout first The new iPhone still comes with the 3.5 inch screen but have more features now - 3G [...]

New iPhone 2.0, It’s here NOW!!!2008-06-09T19:59:03+00:00

Web Server Order DONE


According to my last post Web Server, 1 or 2 Quad Core Xeon? , I just did the order for Single Quad Core Xeon today. With the saving of paying [...]

Web Server Order DONE2008-06-03T12:32:33+00:00

iPhone2 for £100???


iPhone 2 will be selling for only £100 in the UK? Sounds possible...let's wait for the 9th June announcement ;) If it's true then I will be ready to get [...]

iPhone2 for £100???2008-06-03T01:01:50+00:00

FireFox 3 rc1


Have been testing the Firefox 3 Beta till rc1 for a month now. The performance is quite good. I can't wait to check the release version soon and have all [...]

FireFox 3 rc12008-05-28T15:20:45+00:00


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