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[Solved] WordPress White Screen Of Death


Wordpress White Screen Of Death, I have been searching on the net for it but there are no solutions at all for my issue Recently I need to migrate a [...]

[Solved] WordPress White Screen Of Death2014-05-02T05:49:03+00:00

Project CORE Server


This summer I found out that my working enviroment just got too many computers and generated too much heat too (of course the electricity bill is a bit [...]

Project CORE Server2009-06-12T11:00:03+00:00

TSMC and UMC likely to receive orders for iPhone nano


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) will likely land chip orders for Apple's low-cost entry-level iPhone nano, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) reported today. Let's [...]

TSMC and UMC likely to receive orders for iPhone nano2009-01-14T13:15:34+00:00

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, Far Better Than Vista


http://waterblowing.com/2009/01/12/microsoft-windows-7-beta-far-better-than-vista/ Today I just downloaded the Microsoft Windows 7 Beta (2.44GB) which BT at around 1.30MB/s. I tested it under VMWare 5 Workstation Virtual Computer running with 2 CPU (AMD [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 Beta, Far Better Than Vista2009-01-12T00:17:16+00:00

The missing 5th parameter for PHP Mail()


So happy!!! Finally I solved my php email script problem for sending emails to server with SPF record!!! There is a missing 5th parameter for PHP Mail() which I never [...]

The missing 5th parameter for PHP Mail()2008-11-06T14:28:34+00:00

Samsung NC10 Netbook around £299 (RM1600)


http://waterblowing.com/2008/10/29/samsung-nc10-netbook-around-299-rm1600/ Samsung NC10 Netbook Among all the hot netbook in the market now, I found that the Samsung NC10 Netbook comes with the most competitive specifications and also, a good [...]

Samsung NC10 Netbook around £299 (RM1600)2008-10-29T13:28:39+00:00

Encode in UTF-8 without BOM


this is important issue when you have a multi-language windows (like me is the english version with chinese support) and you are a web developer. I always did web development [...]

Encode in UTF-8 without BOM2008-10-17T23:17:04+00:00

CSS z-index trick for IE6 and IE7


Just found out that if you have sort of CSS drop down menu, sometime when the menu drop and touch the bottom DIV, the menu will be cut off. The [...]

CSS z-index trick for IE6 and IE72008-10-17T23:11:45+00:00

iPhone 3G Useless Backup And Restore


All the photos I took using my new iPhone 3G gone :( This morning, I found my iPhone 3G (firmware 2.0.1) looks like something wrong, all the music on it [...]

iPhone 3G Useless Backup And Restore2008-08-22T01:42:25+00:00

Joe Job – Are you one of the victim?


The below contents are copy from http://forum.whmdestek.com/mail-english/733-joe-job-e-mail-spoofing-attack.html for sharing only What is Joe Job Joe Job is an e-mail spoofing attack in which someone sends out huge volume of emails [...]

Joe Job – Are you one of the victim?2008-08-19T13:08:25+00:00

iPhone 3G 2.01 updated


Just updated to the latest 2.01 firmware (250MB), can't see any changes yet, after few days try out should have some news here ;) stay tuned....stupid iTunes

iPhone 3G 2.01 updated2008-08-11T17:31:40+00:00


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