WordPress White Screen Of Death, I have been searching on the net for it but there are no solutions at all for my issue

Recently I need to migrate a website for client, especially they are using plugins like BackupBuddy, importBuddy, WordPress SEO by Yoast, YooTheme premium WordPress Theme, and etc, here I met with the Wordpress White Screen Of Death.

While trying to activate those plugins my Chrome will show No Data, or in Firefox just blank screen.

Luckily I have few different servers at different countries all using CentOS cPanel/WHM, then I started the migration onto different servers, some of them ok but some of them failed. I started to compare the technical part of Apache settings and configuration including PHP and MySQL. Finally I found the issue that causing the Wordpress White Screen Of Death!!! It is the version of PHP 5.4!!! After I downgraded the PHP to 5.3.8, all issues solved.

You should try it if you are having the same problem. Any queries are welcome if we can help!!!

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