There is a thin line between design and development, and as we move into a new decade, this line is becoming extremely blurry. Is it enough to draw beautiful mock ups in Photoshop? Maybe 5 years ago.

These days, the average internet user requires more. All beauty, with no substance, gets boring after a while. If your only goal is to impress a community of fellow designers with your flashy designs, you’ll find yourself quickly beneath the tide. 2011 is not about beauty, it’s about function. The trends for this new year and emerging decade are responsive design, constant connection and virtual reality.

The ultimate goal of a designer is not to dazzle but to entangle. The supreme designer is able to create an environment which charms and captivates the user to the point where he does not want to find the ‘Back’ button.

Several elements come together to forge such a wonderland: harmonious color scheme, intuitive design, easily accessible information and fast response.

Additionally, one can never under-estimate the power of simplicity. Now, your design must contend with smart phones, netbooks, tablets and the like. Are you ready?

  1. More CSS3 + HTML5
  2. Simple Color Schemes
  3. Mobile Ready
  4. Parallax Scrolling
  5. Designing for Touch Screens, Not Mice
  6. Depth Perception in Web Design
  7. Large Photographic Backgrounds
  8. Adventurous Domain Names & Integration
  9. QR: Quick Response
  10. Thumbnail Design
  11. Constant Connection/ Life Stream