Today I just downloaded the Microsoft Windows 7 Beta (2.44GB) which BT at around 1.30MB/s. I tested it under VMWare 5 Workstation Virtual Computer running with 2 CPU (AMD X2 4200), 1 GB RAM and 16GB HDD. The installtion quite fast, it just like installing XP. After the first boot up, I can’t believe that similar functionality like the stupid Vista BUT the performance is far more better. Please note that this is running in virtual enviroment and ment to be a bit slower than running on real machine. The interface is far impress than the Vista. I bet this time MS doing a real good job, when the full version come up, I definitely will replace my XP with it. The most important part is I can’t wait to test my ATI X4850 with DirectX 10!!!

Good job, MS!!!